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By using this site you assume responsibility for your own actions .... if meeting up with someone play it safe and let someone know whats going on. If possible arrange to meet in a public place. Use normal common sense you would use when meeting anyone you only know from online

Basically sign up should be an easy process we do need your name and valid email and a couple of other things, but most of the info on the sign up sheet is not required (I'll get onto fixing that at some point).


  • This is general use site so no adult content! If you're not sure what constitutes "adult content" don't post it. Users posting content will be either warned or deleted at the admins discretion.
  • Same policy applies for anything we feel might constitute "hate speech"
  • Same again for anything illegal
  • If you're posting a job... be upfront about what the job is... If it's a commission based or contract job, specify this in the advertisement. This will save users and yourself a lot of time.


Basically to keep things moving smoothly I'm trying to introduce a set of rules which will make it much easier for everyone to enjoy the site. This may change as the site grows bigger and increases in poplularity.

  • You will have a better and easier time if you list your number and maybe a photo of whatever it is you are trying to move.
  • Don't post incessantly (I'm trying to keep it one post per day)
  • If you are seen to be clogging up the system you will be warned and then removed. If you have multiple items... list them in one listing
  • Be honest about what you are listing. If I get multiple complaints about you I will remove you
  • If you have a real world business with lots of items maybe consider sponsoring the site email me clickoncanberra@gmail.com and we'll work something out :)

Now that you've read and understood what we are all about: